Basé à Marseille, je me spécialise dans les reportages et actualités dans la région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Mais aussi, au delà de nos frontières comme sur le bassin Méditerranéen


Basé à Marseille, je me spécialise dans la couverture de vos évènements dans la région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Je peux couvrir vos concerts, compétitions ou festivals en numérique ou

La Vida Real – Kit Press (EN)


With as a basis, autobiographical narratives, a mixed awareness in a quest for truths,

[La Vida Real] by Rodrigo, is the documentary part of the plastic project [MadeIn Medellin] directed by himself, in collaboration with the artist Andrès Carmona Arango.

Rodrigo, Photographer of Colombian origin, uprooted and adopted in France.

It proposes, with the notion of visible and invisible borders, an urban exploration in the comunas* of Medellin, its fragmented territories, integrated or not, to each other, with their respective histories and communities.

He also draws on his personal memories, dreams and documentary research, in order to best reflect a fragile reality of Colombian society, to (re)enhance the image of his country of origin by respectfully immortalizing a daily life that takes place there.

The city of Medellin was chosen to undertake this documentary, for the myth that has been created. This fascinating image of old and new generations, linked to its history with drug trafficking and past and present urban guerrillas, in this city of more than 3 million inhabitants. Individuals who have had a unilateral vision influenced by preconceived ideas, stereotypes, presented and maintained by the media, film, series and even the music industry.

It thus confronts the personal views of each individual with a certain collective social authenticity.

The project does not deny the history of the violence that persists in the country and is dedicated to the victims of armed conflicts, of which children and women are often victims, the first forgotten collateral victims, still today hiui

La Vida Real prefers to highlight the multiethnic artistic and cultural richness of the arts, the resilience, the power of rebirth and future projections of hope of the Colombian people.

As part of the exhibition[La Vida Real] at the Colombian Consulate in Paris until October 11. Find the interview that is dedicated to me by the media RDV Latino. I look back at my Colombian origins and confide in my documentary work, made in Medellín.

ITW (French Version):

Retrospective in the context of « MadeIn Medellin »

Urban exhibition « Entre Arte y Cultura »

Individual exhibition:

Letter of support by Wilfrid Estève


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